Size Matters


Size really does matter in dollhouse miniature world!

I have found an easy way to tell the size of your house for
the scale is the dollar method.

here are some tips for when you are out and about and
wondering if that cute little chair will look good in your house or room

first off the basic scale or regular dollhouse scale is called
1/12 this means one foot equals one inch. or

  • a man would be as tall as a dollar bill is long. You can
    see if a dollar will sit or lay on that piece of furniture you find when you
    run across something and want to check.

  • the ceiling height will be 8-10 inches.

  • sometimes you can go by the size of the doors, they will
    be a little taller than a dollar

  • the largest majority of miniatures are made in this

  • sometimes called full scale

  • babies will be an inch and a half long

  • hands are half an inch

  • plates are usually less than one inch around

  • a dime is a close gauge for food. If is looks right on a
    dime it should look right on your little plate

  • some times the really large houses are hard to move and
    get through doors :(

second popular scale is called 1/24

  • also called 1/2

  • also called half

  • means one foot equals half an inch

  • literally means half the size of full sized minis (all
    the way around)

  • you can sometimes find things that work in your smaller
    scales at the train hobby store. this scale would be G (garden) or sometimes
    S if you tell them 1/2 they will not know what you are talking about, but if
    you ask for 1/48 they can show you the way.

  • if you take your dollar and fold it in half, that is the
    size of your man. If it can sit or lay on the items you are looking at you
    are in the right scale.

  • ceiling height is 4-5 inches

  • doors are about 3 1/2 inches

  • babies are a 3/4 inch

  • this scale has been around for a while, but is just now
    making big strides in accessories and furniture

  • takes up half the room of a full sized house

  • a nice 9 room house will sit on a small end stand with no
    problems, very portable and no troubles getting through doors

third popular scale is called 1/48

  • also called quarter

  • also called 1/4

  • sometimes known as HO, which is close in train sizes

  • means one foot equals a 1/4 of an inch

  • literally means half the size of a half scale house (all
    the way around)

  • when going to the train hobby stores you will being the
    1/48 scale. They begin get really close here so tell them 1/48 but be sure
    to look around, something they can`t switch you may be able to.

  • take your dollar and fold it twice this will be your man
    scale for furniture

  • ceiling height is 2 inches

  • a whole row of houses can fit on a shelf

  • no problem getting through door :)

next up is 1/144

  • okay we are talking tiny

  • this is also called dollhouse`s dollhouse size

  • if you have a dollhouse in your full sized dollhouse this
    would be the scale for it

  • this size is becoming more and more popular and as it
    increases so do the things available

  • train scale would be 1/144

  • they also call this z and they have real trains that
    actually run on a track in this size

  • I don`t think can fold a dollar this small for scale :)

other scales you may come across:


play scale

  • also known as fashion doll or "Barbie" scale

  • ceilings are usually 14-15 inches tall

  • Boy doll is about 12 inches, Barbie herself is 11 1/2

  • also known as 1/6

  • one foot equals 2 inches

3/4 scale

  • this is a scale used in England.

  • a ceiling height of 6 inches

  • 1 foot equals 3/4 of an inch

  • 1/18 train stuff sometimes works

  • model cars are 1/18 also

  • Some of the antique dollhouses are in this scale

  • The cute furniture that you find in your dollar store is
    usually this scale.

  • About the only time you will come across this scale is
    handmade houses and the dollar store furniture.




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