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We are located in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. We make all of our soaps, teas, candle tarts and many other specialties right here in our mountainside home.We do have a small store in London Kentucky at the Wildcat Flea Market.
This is the about us page so a little about us.. We are Nana and Poppy to four little girls and one little boy(so far)Our company name comes from them. We love being Grandparents!
We have been making miniatures for almost 32 years. I started when I had my daughter, and have been making and building ever since. Eventually the whole family has become involved, everybody from "GG" to the babies. We decided to open our own shop because we could never find the stuff we wanted to make our projects look "real" without spending a fortune and/or driving all over the place. We try to carry all the hard to find stuff, but if you can't find something, let us know and we will try our best to find it! Our distributors have over 72,000 items so just ask!
Soapmaking began with our daughter also. She was allergic to everything! My Mom heard about this wonderful lady who was making natural skin safe products and took her classes. My Mom loved it and began making bunches of it, she gave it to friends and soon she was selling it all over. That was 30 years ago! There wasn't many people doing it back then. Our family has been making natural handmade soap since then! Our soap is a "little" messy to make but we love doing it! (Our water is spring water from Auger Springs, (about 2 miles down the dirt road)While most of the soap we sell is non scented with no additives for people with problem or allegic skin, we do make scented and herbal soaps. Almost all of the herbs in our products are grown in our herb gardens, I just can't get a couple to grow. I keep trying though.
We started selling another ladies candles when we first opend our shop, but it just didn't seem right that we were doing all the work and with her name on the candles and tarts, all the repeat business was going to her. I didn't know about private label then, but I do now! We decided to make our own when she got so big she couldn't keep up with our needs. We love it and it has been a natural extension from our soap line. We have branched into bath and body products and have them listed on our site and in our store. We test extensively before offering our products to the public so you can be assured they are the best they can be!

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